Define and Achieve your Business Goals bridging Strategy and Execution

eco-okr is an innovative method exclusively developed and provided by O-NAMI in partnership with Conversation Bricoleur.

eco-okr creates a bridge between Corporate Strategy and its Execution, ensuring diffusion, effectiveness and adaptability of the strategy itself, thanks to the introduction of a goal-oriented mindset with which to review all corporate projects and initiatives.

The overload generated by too many company projects and initiatives can easily disorient and lead to spending energy on activities that are not consistent with the organization's objectives.

eco-okr helps to keep the focus on what is really important, bringing together two approaches:
1. The Ecosystem approach (holistic)
2. The Management by Objectives approach (focused)

With eco-okr people will have clear what makes sense to do and how to monitor progress in the direction of change you want to achieve.

The Objective, analytically measured in terms of Key Results, becomes the main engine for generating and evaluating the actions to be performed.


Dynamic Mapping of Projects and Initiatives

We value the contribution of the main figures involved in the definition of the strategy and in the execution of the projects.

We make clear ambiguities and uncertainties with facilitation techniques designed according to the context.

Modelling of an Agile Project Portfolio Management System

eco-okr resolves ambiguities and uncertainties and allows you to organize projects and business initiatives that have emerged according to proven principles of Change Management and Service Delivery.
The possibility of catching the "weak signals" and evaluating them with respect to the strategic objectives is favoured.

Widespread and Effective Strategy with OKRs

We want to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction, with clear priorities, at a constant pace.

OKRs offer a simple approach that builds alignment and engagement around ambitious, measurable goals.